When we Vote,
We Count

What we do

Mission & vision

18by Vote is a non-partisan youth-led organization that helps young and rising voters understand how, when, and why to vote.

Entirely youth-led, we envision an America where every young person has equitable access to civic participation.

Our Strategies

On The Ground

Hyper Localized Voter Registration and Education Campaigns


Targeted Textbanking Program with Voter Registration and Education Information

Social Media

Partnerships with Youth Influencers

About 18by Vote

We are entirely youth-led

We value youth civic action and seek to create a culture of long-lasting, sustainable youth empowerment.



18by Vote is a nonpartisan, youth-led organization that helps 16, 17, and 18-year-olds understand how, when, and why to vote.



18by Vote envisions an America where every young person has equitable access to civic participation.



18by Vote is developing a model of effective and momentous youth organizing that is truly led by young people.

We are gen-z

We know that the best way to inspire civic action is through peer leadership. By uplifting the depth and breadth of young people’s knowledge, our organization most effectively connects and engages with young people.

Why does voting matter?

what our fellows said

get registered or check your status

Young people have power and we will show it. Registering to vote is a crucial step in ensuring that young voices are represented in office. 


The 18by Vote Gen-Z Civic Network exists to connect members of Gen-Z around the country with meaningful, paid civic engagement opportunities. Opportunities shared include virtual and in-person experiences. Members of the network will be invited to join our Discord channel and will receive monthly newsletters that provide an overview of engagement opportunities.


Join us for a virtual panel and community dialogue led by and for young people to create a space to discuss climate anxiety, reimagining our future, and youth civic engagement.

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