18by Vote values youth civic action and seeks to create a culture of long-lasting, sustainable youth empowerment. This means that our Election-based programming is not simply focused on ‘get out the vote’ efforts. Instead, we cultivate leadership among underrepresented youth through paid opportunities to hold community education and registration events.

In 2022, 18by Vote will register young voters and get out the youth vote in 6 key states: Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona. We have chosen these states based on the YESI data from the CIRCLE Center at Tufts. To increase youth voter turnout and youth engagement, we will be providing leadership training, resources, and payment to young people in these states to support their relational voter registration and education efforts.

We will engage young people in voter outreach through two programs, a Civic Leader Program and a Civic Organizer Program. The Civic Leader program includes a month-long leadership training and employment for 16 weeks, designed for youth ages seventeen to twenty-two. Civic Leaders will plan and execute voter engagement events and outreach, varying from physical voter registration drives to educational canvassing events to relational voter outreach campaigns to online localized textbanking events. Our Civic Organizer program is a paid engagement program that offers individual shifts and training to young people ages fourteen to twenty-six who want to participate in voter outreach events.

To see current opportunities, visit our jobs page.