Exploring Youth Engagment Research Fellowship

The EYE Research Data:
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The EYE Research Data is available now! The EYE Research Data will be shared with youth, youth-serving organizations, political campaigns, and policymakers to encourage better service to young people regarding civic engagement. Enter your email for access!

What is the EYE research fellowship?

The Exploring Youth Engagement (EYE) Research Fellowship, a youth-led, youth-driven remote fellowship program, is designed to engage young people in a collaborative mixed methods research project to explore youth civic engagement in the United States.

Created in response to the significant lack of understanding of the trends of youth civic engagement, our research fellowship has uncovered what motivates young Americans to be engaged civically, what ways they want to be involved in civic life, and  how that engagement can be facilitated. The EYE Research Fellowship gave six young people, ages 17-20, from across the nation, the opportunity to learn about, conduct, and lead research on Gen Z and Civic Engagement.

Thanks to the support from our program partners CIRCLE at Tufts and Emerson Polling, as well as the guidance of our Innovative Research Mentors (professionals who do civic engagement research at UCLA, Tufts University, and more), our EYE Research Collective, has spent the summer discovering fascinating insights from youth in their communities and nationwide.

The EYE Fellows conducted research nationwide and in NY, FL, GA, UT, & KY.

The EYE Research Briefing

On Thursday, August 17, 2023, at 7 PM ET/4 PM PT, the EYE Research Collective presented our findings at the EYE Research Briefing. The EYE Research Briefing was hosted virtually via Zoom. Watch the EYE Research Briefing below:

The EYE Research Fellowship

What Our Fellows Say


Join us for a virtual panel and community dialogue led by and for young people to create a space to discuss climate anxiety, reimagining our future, and youth civic engagement.

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