Youth Programming


Fellowship Program

Through our Civic Engagement Fellowship, a national program, we equip youth to spearhead civic engagement efforts within their own communities while also supporting the development of a nationwide peer network.

During our 2020 inaugural fellowship, our 25 fellows successfully connected with over 250,000 people despite a dramatic transition to online communication. In 2021, our fellows focused on empowering their peers through an individual final product that was designed to call their community to action around an issue they cared about.

Previous Fellow Locations

18by Vote Fellows participate in weekly sessions guided by 18by Vote staff members. During these sessions, Fellows discuss civic issues relevant to their demographic, including (but not limited to) “The History and Mechanisms of Voting,” “Understanding Local Governments and the Importance of School Boards in Local Decision-Making,” and “Fighting Civic Apathy, Building Youth Power.”  

In 2023, 18by Vote will build on our Fellowship program to create 18by Vote Hubs. Stay tuned!

Impact of our fellowship

What Our Fellows Say


Join us for a virtual panel and community dialogue led by and for young people to create a space to discuss climate anxiety, reimagining our future, and youth civic engagement.

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